If you have ever hosted or attended a conference then you know that AV can make or break the experience. If all goes well, audio and visual work seamlessly. The conference runs on schedule, the speakers and presenters make their points, and everyone leaves having learned something. If things do not go well…then a broken

A town meeting is a public gathering that allows employees to connect with the senior leadership of the company. During this meeting everyone in the company provides updates, and they discuss the direction the company is headed in the future. The goal is to provide important updates and to offer a platform to collect feedback

Checklist for evetns

Are you holding an event anytime soon? If so, you’ll want to keep a checklist handy in order to ensure that you don’t miss anything for the big day. Here’s a general checklist (guideline) template that you can use and tweak to make sure you’ve got everything checked off for a successful event.   -Before

Jack S. Kilby created the first Integrated Circuit (IC) back in 1958 while working for Texas Instruments. This company developed transistors, and Kilby’s first task was to design micro modules for the military in which he connected various wafers of discrete components by stacking them on top of each another. Seeing the process as far

It would be pretty frustrating and nerve-wracking to discover that one of your speakers or projector breaks down at the last minute, as you’re nervously trying to get the venue set up for a presentation or concert. The last thing you want is for guests to start arriving as some of the AV equipment is

Were you aware that most people have some level of fear of speaking in public? Some even fear it more than death itself!     If that sounds like you, you’re in good company. The good news is, there are steps you can take to get over this fear and get through your speech without

How Do Teleprompters Work?   Teleprompters display text that a person in front of a camera can read off of. The individual can look directly into the camera and still able to read the script. They’re typically used in newsrooms and other settings where people are speaking for long periods of without looking away from

Why Have Women Been Receding the Computer Science Realm? Many of the pioneers of computer science were women. They were a large part of the programmers for the world’s first digital computers, and have had a large presence in computer science programs in universities for decades. But by the mid 1980’s, things started to change.

The very first CCTV system was not developed in one component, but rather is two distinct parts. The first component that was developed was the technology of the CCTV, which incorporated the attachment of cameras to live TVs. The other component involved the actual application of the CCTV, making use of the systems’ technology for

Who Invented the First Laptop? Among the most innovative pieces of technology ever invented for both commercial and personal use is the laptop. Highly versatile and compact, the laptop has made computer use as easy and convenient as possible. With such a state-of-the-art piece of technology, you may be wondering about its history, and what