Wired/Wireless Up-lights For Events

Uplights Rental: Wired Or Wireless

Up-lighting is one of the biggest trends for special events to set the mood or completely transform a venue. Uplights are essentially small lighting units which are placed along the floor around the venue and illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light. This savvy visual technique is great at setting a specific tone for various types of events.

The question is, how do you decide how many uplights your event should have?

The good news is that it’s actually pretty easy to determine the number of uplights required for your event to get the ideal effect you’re going for.


Think about the big picture of the space.

Every space is unique.

Take in account for various features to determine precisely what is required.

Easiest way is to take photos of the space and look for specific things, for example:


Small columns or those that are against a wall need one uplight each, while larger columns will need at least 2-4 lights.

These abnormalities need more lights to make the space feel balanced.

Multiple levels

Multiple rooms

Stage Areas

Room Bump outs


slim par7 zoomed

Par 7 LED

Digital ParLite 7: LED Uplight For Effects
uv 18 light rental


Slim Bank UV18
Tri-18 Slimbank rental


SlimBank Tri-18 Rental
rent freedom quad4

Wireless Quad 4

DJ Freedom Par Quad 4

Just To Give You A General Idea

Room CapacityAccent LightingModerate LightingFull Room Coverage
300 & Over284060+

In addition, consider whether you want extra lighting for under the tables, exits, or other focal points in the space. Also, consider whether or not you can move or reuse lights in different spaces.

Here are some general guidelines to assist you in determining the number of uplights you will need to achieve that perfect look in your venue:

Final Thoughts
With the above information in mind, you should be able to determine roughly how many uplights you need to create the exact look you want and ensure your venue is lit to perfection. Get in touch with AA Rental today for all your uplighting and audio visual equipment needs today!