Projector Lenses

If the distance between the projector and the screen is same as the diagonal size of the image, the lens is called a standard lens
These lenses are usually come with the projector. They are defined as 1:1

Throw distance is the distance between the center of the lens of the projector and the projector screen.
Short throw lenses require tighter spaces compared to standard lenses.
Short throw lenses produce much more better image quality than long throw lenses.

If the distance from the projector and the screen is more than the diagonal size of the image, the lens is considered as the long throw

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Wide Angle Lens

For Projectors: PLC-XP100L/200L


Standard Lens

For Projectors: PLC-XP100/200L


Long Throw Lens

For Projectors: PLC-XP100/200L


Long Throw Lens

For Projectors: PLC-XP100/200L

Panasonic ET SS51

Standard Lens. Goes with Eiki HDT30

Eiki AH-43002W

Fixed Lens
Wide Angle: 0.8:1

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    LNS T31A

    To be used with Sanyo SD/HD projectors

    Lens For Eiki HDT-30

    Long throw lens

    Special Projectors

    Elmo Document Camera

    Elmo P-100 (Click to Find More)

    Transparency Projector

    3M Projector

    8mm/Super8 Projector

    Bell and Howell

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