Here are some scenarios where renting just makes more economical sense compared to buying your audio video equipment.   You Don’t Have the Cash Obviously one of the main contributing factors to opt for a rental rather than a purchase is the money. When you’re on your own, you’ll have to supply yourself with your

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For years, Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projector has been an industry favorite, and is no secret why. This professional speaker belts out 5.1 surround sound without any help. With all the surround amplification  and decoding built right into it, this sound projector makes a perfect accompaniment to 42” plasma TVs. The fact that it slides right

Dani has been providing cutting-edge stage speakers for close to a century. After its inception by Ludwig Pani in 1930 in Vienna, Austria, Pani has been incessantly focusing on developing optical devices. At first, such devices were made specifically for scientific and home purposes. But soon, the small projectors would grow exponentially, and be capable

It becomes essential for event managers to use multiple microphones if the event is big and large numbers of people are supposed to speak or interact. The setting can be a business event with multiple speakers or a family function or a music event. Naturally multiple microphones need to be setup under such circumstances. Modern

Whether you’re a die-hard vinyl advocate, or a part of the increasingly popular realm of digital DJs, having a good pair of headphones is essential to make sure the mixes you mash up are cued in on time at the proper volume. With so many different types and models of headphones to choose from, where

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A DJ can be incredibly talented at mixing songs and selecting the perfect playlist for specific parties. However, the audio visual equipment that is used is just as important. Among the many pieces of equipment that a professional DJ should have in their inventory are good quality speakers. Before shopping around for speakers, it’s important

Putting on an entertaining show at a party depends a lot on the DJ. Not only are the skills of the DJ important, but so is the equipment through which the music is being played. But once you’ve got all the equipment necessary to entertain the crowd – such as the music source, speakers and

Performing a sound check before the party starts is essential for two reasons. First of all, you want to have the opportunity to make sure that all the microphones and outputs are working properly and are connected effectively. Secondly, you want to have a chance to set the levels and tone balance of the equipment

The job of a DJ isn’t just to play a bunch of songs in succession. At the very least, it involves the ability to string songs together from one to the next while keeping the right beat going and the energy flowing at a party or event. While there are a variety of types of

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While there are a variety of components that go into throwing an awesome party, one of the key factors is the music. If you have a gig as a DJ for an upcoming event, it’s essentially your job to keep the energy levels up, and ensure that everyone is having a fabulous time. This involves