Rent Intercom Systems

Intercom System Rental

An intercom system is a great way to communicate with various people within a closed network. Intercoms allow you to audibly connect with someone nearby without having to use the telephone. They are quick, powerful, and have a variety of important applications. If you are hosting a meeting or conference that spans several rooms or even several buildings, then intercoms can help you to communicate across distances quickly and efficiently.

Eartec XT5

  1. Full Duplex System.
  2. 5 Users
  3. 800 yards of wireless dependability

Clearcom System

  1. Full Duplex Mode
  2. AC/DC Operation
  3. Upto 15 headsets to one base station

PortaCom 60FC

Wired Intercom Solution
Friday to Monday Deal
between 3:00 pm-6:00 pm on Friday

Drop off
before11:00 AM on Monday.


  • For meetings and conferences. If you have two groups of people hosting independent sessions at a conference or meeting, then an intercom is a great way for them to communicate with each other quickly.
  • For your onsite AV team. If you are hosting a large scale topic or conference, then equipping your onsite staff (particularly your onsite AV team) with an intercom system for communication will make everything run more smoothly. 
  • To broadcast a message to remote locations. If you are hosting an all-company meeting but cannot physically fit your employees into one room, then an intercom system is a great way to ensure that everyone hears the same message at the same time.