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History Of The First CCTV System – Credit Goes To German

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The very first CCTV system was not developed in one component, but rather is two distinct parts. The first component that was developed was the technology of the CCTV, which incorporated the attachment of cameras to live TVs. The other component involved the actual application of the CCTV, making use of the systems’ technology for security surveillance.


The Design of the First CCTV System

The very first CCTV system was developed in 1942 by German engineer Walter Bruch. His goal was to create a video camera that could monitor the launch of the V-2 rocket. The system Bruch designed was installed by Siemens.

Unlike today where we are able to record video feed, such a feed was not possible back then. People needed to watch live footage in order to view what cameras were capturing. This was perfectly fine for the purposes of watching rocket launches.

However, two decades later, someone else developed the idea of using Bruch’s technology to use for security purposes.


The World’s First CCTV Security System

In the mid-1960s, Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the first CCTV security system as a means to protect her home. She was dissatisfied with the length of time it took for law enforcement to respond to calls of break-ins, so she decided to come up with a system on her own to better secure her property. As such, she made use of a TV and cameras to help her do this.

Televisions were somewhat of a luxury back in the 60s, and the extent of how they could be used for various purposes had barely even started. Mrs. Brown, along with her husband, developed a feed that surveilled the entrance of her house.

The system she and her husband created included a motor on the cameras that could be adjusted to identify anyone who came inside the front entrance. The cameras were connected to a TV screen, and a special mechanism was built for the door that let them open it remotely without having to physically be there.

Mrs. Brown soon patented the idea, and it quickly became very popular.

Thanks to the inventions of both Walter Bruch and Marie Van Brittan Brown, we now have vast technology that is being used in various applications every day.

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