Press Conference Equipment

Press Conference Equipment Rental For Events

Typical Press Conference Equipment:

A Multbox (Press Box).

Speaker With A Stand.

Mixer (At least 4 Ch.).

Microphone (Wired Or Wireless).

Podium (Optional but recommended).

Press Conference Packages

Basic Press Package

Deluxe Press Package

Premium Press Package

Or Just Rent A Press Box

SteveFacilities Manager, HOC
Just want to let you know that our Public Affairs staff was very appreciative of your work providing the sound and recording equipment for our recent series of meetings. Susan Yancy from Public Affairs made a point to tell me that you were just great- on time, helpful, and great to work with. We will definitely contact Mr. Video when we need equipment in the future.
Terrence W.Training Coordinator
Thank you for your good service. Everything went well. Delivery was on time, and the equipment worked flawlessly. Darren, the A/V technician, courteously delivered professional and practical solutions from start to finish. Thank you again.

Ms. HamiltonDepartment of Education (US)
It was a pleasure working with you and Yasmin. You both made my experience simple. Preparation is critical to great presentations. And, your company helped to ensure the presentation presented by the US Department of Education was perfect. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Organizing A Press Conference

Steps To Consider

1. Determine the purpose and message of the press conference: What is the main message you want to convey to the media and the public? What is the purpose of the press conference?
2. Choose a date, time, and location: Select a date and time that works for your target audience and the media. Choose a location that is convenient and accessible for attendees.
3. Create a media list: Identify the media outlets and journalists that you want to invite to the press conference. Make sure to include their contact information.
4. Send out invitations: Send out invitations to the media at least two weeks in advance. Include the date, time, location, and purpose of the press conference.
5. Prepare your message and materials: Develop a clear and concise message that you want to convey to the media. Prepare any materials, such as press releases, fact sheets, and visuals, that will support your message.
6. Set up the venue: Arrange the venue to accommodate the media and any speakers. Make sure to have audio and visual equipment, as well as a podium and seating.
7. Conduct the press conference: Start the press conference on time and introduce any speakers. Deliver your message and answer any questions from the media.
8. Follow up with the media: After the press conference, follow up with the media to provide any additional information or materials they may need.
Remember, organizing a successful press conference requires careful planning and attention to detail. It's important to be prepared and flexible in case of any unexpected issues that may arise.

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