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  • For many businesses purchasing two-way radios may not always be the optimal choice.
  • This may be especially true for businesses only occasionally using walkies-talkies.
  • So renting Walkie Talkies is cheaper than purchasing.
  • We have the most useful quality choices of two-way radios available to rent on the market.
  • Our company carries the top brands for walkie talkie rental, including Midland and Motorola.


Construction Sites
Any Type Of Event
Tour Guides
Secuitry Buildings
Hiking Or Hunting
Schools & Colleges (Security Dept.)
Pubs, Bars, Restuarants.
Skiing Snow Boarding.

Basic Walkies Talkies

  • Head sets (optional)
  • Car and AC adapter
  • 4 watts UHF.
  • 16 channels.
  • This is one of the most popular and most rented unit in the US. It is very easy to use , great sound quality and rugged construction.

    Deluxe Walkies Talkies

  • Taxi and limo services,
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing units,
  • Agriculture,
  • Delivery and security services.
  • Ultimate Walkies Takies

  • Manufacturing companies and
  • Local delivery services.
  • Radio Accessories

    Coverage Area

    CP (model) coverage is about 1 sq mile and up to 4 miles with line of sight. Systems are not available in all areas and prices vary per provider.

    10 or higher mileage area coverage is possible through a radio system with an antenna tower or sky rise type of set up.

    Our ProcessIn 3 Simple Steps

    Professional courteous assistant over the phone

    Step 1

    Call or send us an email of the list of the things you need by using our "add to quote" function.

    Step 2

    We send you a quote as a pdf attachment. If you like the quote, you can go online and pay for the quote.

    Step 3

    We will send you a confirmation from our end once we receive the payment and you are all set at this point.