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Sony Anycast Rental

What is Sony Anycast

  • Anycast is a device to switch multiple video sources inputs by using different types of cards.
  • It can also mix "mixed audio" and "embedded audio" and switch them around different inputs.
  • It comes with plenty of different fades and cross fades to switch between the sources.
  • If you are doing a live multiple camera production, this switcher can be used to create powerfull content.


  • Logo superimposing in the corner
  • Switch to full page logo during break.
  • Video Titling on the live video
  • Showing a speaker on the side of the presentation.

Possibilities are endless.

Friday to Monday Deal
between 3:00 pm-6:00 pm on Friday

Drop off
before11:00 AM on Monday.

Sony AWS-G500HD Anycast Station

Multiple Camera Production

1. A video switcher
2. An audio mixer
3. A large builtin display monitor.
4. Streaming encoder and a server.

Note: From our experience, unit works well with direct HD-SDI source or converted from MAC (using adapters)

Sony BKAW570

Full 1080i HD

2 Composite Video with BNC Connectors
2 S-Videos with 4-Pin connectors
2 IEEE-1394 ilink DV A/V or HDD, on 6-Pin Connectors

Sony BKAW580-SDI

Full HD Capable

2 SDI Video inputs Digital Video with 4 Channels of Embedded Audio with BNC Connectors.
IEEE-1394, ilink HDD, on a 6-Pin Connector.

Orientation-How To Connect

  • A projector with your laptop.
  • Two projectors with a single computer.
  • Installing a lens on the projector.
  • Setting up a portable projection screen.

Sony BKAW590-HD

HD Capable

Inputs: HD-SDI: 2 BNC Outputs: 1 HD-SDI BNC

Sony BKAW560

2 HD Analog (RGB) Component inputs.
1 HD Analog Component PGM output.
Multi-format combination (1080i and 720p).
Output format selectable (1080i or 720Pp).
D-sub 15-pin video connectors.

Rental Choices

Either customer picks up or we deliver to the customer -local delivery only.


  • We will deliver and setup.
  • You can go through the setup process with the technician.
  • We will pickup the next day or at the designated time on your invoice.
  • Cost varies depending on the type of the setup.
  • (Equipment+Setup+Tech.)
    We will deliver and setup. Technician will stay and run the equipment. Once done, he will strike and bring back the equipment.

    Special Projectors

    Elmo Document Camera

    Elmo P-100 (Click to Find More)

    Transparency Projector

    3M Projector

    8mm/Super8 Projector

    Bell and Howell

    Our ProcessIn 3 Simple Steps

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    Step 1

    Call or send us an email of the list of the things you need.

    Step 2

    Once we receive your email, we send you a quote as a pdf. If you like, you can go online and pay for the estimate.

    Step 3

    Once we receive the payment, we will send you a confirmation and you are all set at this point.