Wireless Mic Rental-Handheld-Lapel

Wireless Mics For Rent

  1. AA Rental has a diverse inventory of wired/wireless mics.
  2. For drama, live stage shows, public address meetings, or any corporate event.
  3. Our wireless mic rental kit comes with a complete kit, tested and ready to be used.

FCC Guideline

All wireless mics listed here safely work within the permitted FCC guideline. If you modify the rented wireless mic outside the FCC range, please make sure to click here  for compliance.

Handheld Mic

Application: Vocals

Type: Dynamic
Connection Type: XLR 3pin, 1/4 pin
Shure SM 58 (SLX4 | SLX2)
Lapel Mic WL185 or WL-50B

Handheld Mic

Application: Live mobile events

Type: Dynamic
Connection Type: mini XLR 3pin
Sennheiser EW 112p G3

Countryman Mic

Application: Stage shows

Type: Condenser
Connection Type: XLR 3pin
Countryman E6

Active Directional Antenna

Shure UA874

Antenna Distribution Amp

Shure UA 844

Ear Monitoring System

Application: Stage Show

Type: Condenser
Connection Type: XLR 3pin, 1/4 pin
Shure PSM 200 (P2T | R2T | SE215)
Wireless Ear Phone System

Shure FP Wireless Mic

Application: Videography

Type: Condenser
Connection Type: XLR 3pin
Shure SM 58 (FP1 | FP2)
Lapel Mic WL183 (w/bodypack)

Shure ULX Mic

Application: Broadcast

Type: Condenser
Connection Type: XLR 3pin,
Shure SM58 ULX2
Lapel Mic WL185 (w/bodypack)

Lectrosonics VRM Receiver

Wireless receiver for upto 6 transmitter

Comtek PR-216

Use it for a private one-on-one lesson or for a group. Comes with an earpiece and headsets

Zarcom TRX900

Used in radio broadcast and theatrical applications

Lectrosonics UM400a

Power signal transmission with good battery life. For film and video applications.

Sennheiser SK 5212 Transmitter

Comfortable and easy to hide on stage due to its small size

Wireless Mic

Wireless Handheld

SLX 4 with body pack or handheld

Wireless Lapel

Shure WL-50B

Wireless Camera Mic

Sennheiser ew 112-p G3

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