Light Controllers

Lighting Control Rental

Lighting desks, control consoles, controller boards – everyone has different light control equipment requirements. We offers a wide variety of feature sets, and we can assist you in choosing the one which best suits your production lighting needs.

Deciding which lighting console is best for you.

The best product for your particular venue or production can depend on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Size of your venue and your lighting system.
  • Knowledge and experience of your operators.
  • Modes of access
  • Auxiliary
  • Integration with particular technologies.
  • Compatibility with your specific system.

Obey Light Controller

Universal Controller with DMX512

Jands Stage CL

Designed specifically for LEDs and conventional lights

Grand MA2 Controller

GrandMA2 full size controller

Full Boar 4

4 fixed universes of DMX 512

There are additional considerations when you are adding a new light console to an older system, because they need to work together.

Digital vs Analog

Most new light consoles output DMX or DMX plus network data, but older dimmers may be operated on an analog standard called AMX.

Proprietary vs Universal

Many small portable dimmers employ control protocols which are specific to individual manufacturers. If the existing equipment cannot be upgraded to the modern DMX standard, then a translator or converter will be required to assure trouble free communication throughout your entertainment lighting system.