Drapes For Events in Washington DC

Decorate your special event, wedding, or exhibition with the industry leader AA Rental.

Pipe and drape is used to divide and customize any space temporarily and AA Rental has a trained and seasoned staff to service your special occasion.

Whether your plans include a subtle and elegant environment or a radical and trans-formative conversion, AA Rental will service your needs in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

Basic Kit A

Covers 8 x 14ft on the floor

Pipe & Drape Kit B

Covers 8-10 ft of floor area

Pipe & Drape Kit C

Covers 50 x 8' of floor area

Since Pipes & Drapes Comes in various sizes and shapes and their are lots of options, we can custom design your event space.

pipe and drapes for business
pipe and drapes
Custom Pipes & Drapes

Our Focus

✔ Flawless Pipe & Drape Delivery in Impeccable Condition.

✔ Fast Breakdown With Skillful Staff.

✔ Unmatched Attention to Details By Camouflaging Distracting Features.


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You Will Remember It


Pipe and Drape consists of Adjustable Uprights Poles, Adjustable Horizontal Poles, Pin and Steel Base Plates, and Sand bags.

Set up is very basic once you get the bases set is like connecting linking logs with the pole frames.

We carry all sizes of pipe and drape.
Usually we go off the Lenght and Height of the space that your trying to cover.

All drapes are FR (Flame Retardant). And you have a choice of Encore, Chennile, King, Supervel, Sheer, Crush, or Banjo.

I wouldn't recommend picking up with a car, just because the bases are heavy, and the poles come in 8 to 12 ft cases. So have a truck and small suv would work better for transporting.

We have a wide variety of drape colors like, Latte, white, red, gold, black, wine, grey,
and so on. Just give us a call and request your color of choice.

Pipe and Drapes Can be used anywhere. They are good for dividing Large spaces, covering unwanted scenery,
or say you need dressing rooms for your fashion show. There are so many more diffrent functions and uses for pipe and drapes, lets get creative.