Available in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

Fast Fold Screen Rental

Fast Fold Screens are a great way to set up a temporary viewing area for your presentation or event.
They are easy to transport, simple to set up, and do not take up much space.
If you would like to display something to a group of people, we recommend opting for a fast fold smart screen for nearly any type of event.

How To Assemble

For 9 x 12 and larger screens, you need two technicians to assmble

  1. Unfold the main frame of the screen.
  2. Attach the fabric by using snap on buttons
  3. Unfold the two side legs
  4. Attach both legs to each side of the screen by using cranks


  • For a mid size car: on the back seat
  • SUV: Preferable
  • Weighs: Approximately 50 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 50" x 20" x 14"

4 x 3 Screen Sizes

6x8 Fast Fold Screen

7.5x10 Fast Fold Screen

9x12 Fast Fold Screen

10.5x14 Fast Fold Screen

15x20 Fast Fold Screen

Rent Fast Fold Screen For AV Events
Rent Fast Fold Screen
Rent Jumbo Screen


  • For a presentation at a conference or event. This is a great way to transform a space for a brief presentation during nearly any type of conference or networking event.
  • For a photo or video display at a wedding, graduation, or anniversary party. Share your memories without taking up too much valuable floor space at your party.
  • For a movie screening. Host a fun event by displaying a movie on a large, fast fold screen.

Fast Fold Screen Estimate

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Parts List

  • Main Frame (Where Screen Fabric Goes).
  • Two (2) Side Legs: Left & Right.
  • Screen Fabric: (Front Or Rear in A Black Plastic Cover).
  • Cranks (8-12) Depending on The Size Of Screen.
  • Last, But Not Least, Case To Hold All Parts.

Fast Fold Screen Parts

Fast fold screen rental


  • Unfold the screen/legs in the correct direction
  • Never place the projection side towards the floor
  • The floor is clean and doesn't have an hardware that can penetrate through the screen fabric.
  • Two technicians are recommended for any size when assembling