Trusses For Events

Types Of Trusses We Carry

Round trusses
Angle trusses
Spacer trusses
Heavy and light duty trusses
… and much more!

Our Experience

We have plenty of experience with complete stage design and setup, including trusses for concerts and other similar types of events. Depending on your specific needs, we can put together trusses in various shapes and designs.

We offer a wide array of sizes that are available to meet very precise project requirements. There are no limitations on truss package rentals from AA Rental. We are happy to provide you with the best and most comprehensive products and services for your production!

8.2 Ft Box Truss

12 x 12 x 8' Box Truss

2 Way Box Truss

12 x 12/ 2 way 90 Degree

3 Way Truss Connector

90 Degree 3 way Conector

12x12 truss

Light Truss

Truss for stage light

20.5x20.5 Truss

Available in various heights.

12x18 Truss

12x18 Truss

12 x 12 Base Plate

Square Base Plate For 12 x 12 Truss

Triangular Truss Kit

8 ft tall and 8ft wide

3 x 3S Base Plate

Works for triangular or square truss

1.64 Truss Section

0.5 Meters


Frequently Asked Questions

A truss is a aluminum support frame. The frames can be put together to make many diffrent shaped structures.

Each truss can weigh between 4 to 28 (lbs.).

Standard 3 x 3 Truss Bases are 90 lbs per unit. They are made of steel to support heavy loads.

Yes, TVs can be mounted to truss with the truss TV mount and brackets.

A truss supports about 5 to 10 pound per square foot.

You can mount up to a 80" Monitor on truss with heavy duty 3 x 3 square base.

Our truss are mainly silver aluminum but we do offer a variety of different truss covers for trusses.

From my experience they are fairly easy to install. It is like connecting Legos.
For the bigger structures I would recommend having extra hands for help. But inserting the connectors properly is
very easy to do.

Truss ar perfect for mounting projectors. You can extend your height of the projectors throw to insure the best
view for those watching the screen.

You can mount any moving head light to truss in many different positions.

You can extend trusses as high as you want really, you just have to have the proper structure of support required for the height you want to reach.

Yes, there are a few different tent structure you can make with truss.

We carry truss podiums along with our wide selection of other podium models.