Black Lights Rental

Black Lights Rental | For Parties/Events

uv 18 light rental

UV-18 Slim Bank

Mount it on a light tree/truss or place it on the floor.
uv canon 400 rental

UV Canon 400

Revolution in Strobe Lights!

Model: American DJ
Best Use: Large Venue

rent black light bar

UV Black Light Bar

Ideal For: Charity Events, Home Coming Events, Fundraiser, White Party Etc.
LED Black Light

LED Black Light

P64 DMX led light
Great for dj parties
Shadow DMX 512 Rental

LED Black Light

DMX 512 UV Black Light

Power: 12 W/ panel
Best Use: Parties

rent uv canon led light

UV LED Black Light

Frequently Asked Questions

How many black light for a party needed?
It really depends on which light are you going to rent. UV-18 is good to light up 20 x 20 room with 12' high ceiling.
This is our basic light. It has a DMX channel so it can be synced to the music. But keep in mind, if any subject comes in front of it, the other subject behind him will not glow. So placing one light on each side of the wall (if on the floor) is a good idea.

How to set up a black light?
Connect to the power outlet via included D-plug cable and turn ON the switch. It will glow anything in front of it.

What will glow under black light?
Almost anything as long as it is white or fluorescent: any white subject, teeth whitener, postal stamps, body painting, counterfeit money, some jewelry etc.

How many black lights do I need?
There is no set rule for that. In general, powerful lights are more effective and one light like (UV canon 400) is good for a party of 50 people

Does black light has any color?
They don't have any color but they will glow anything white or fluorescence in the dark. They are called "black lights" because of their special effects.

Black Light Facial Paint