Lights Rental

Facts About LED Lights

LED lights consume less power. 
LED lights last longer. 
Weigh much less than conventional. 
Doesn't get hot overtime.

Keynotes For Better Lighting

✓ Add more light.
✓ Use biggest possible aperture.
✓ Slow down shutter speed.
✓ Use digital SLR camera.
✓ Increase video camera gain.
✓ Reduce frame rate.

Prime 400 LED Light

Model: Lowell Prime LED
Power: 5,600K Daylight Balance
Best Use: Studio Quality Light, for Video and Photography

Prime 800 Day Light

5600 K
50 degree beam angle

LED Twin Lights

Dimmable Studio Light Kit

Model: Bescor LED Light
Power: 200W/ each panel
Best Use: Mobile Film and Photography

Savage Soft Box

High Output Light
Power: 3000 Watts of Tungsten
Best Use: Studio Setup

150 Watt On Camera

Mid-Full Sized Camcorders

Model: NRG Versalite
Power: 150W
Best Use: Spot Lighting Film and Photography

On Camera Light

High-Power Halogen Bulb

Model: OPTEKA 150
Power: 100w/12v
Best Use: Spot Lighting for Events and Production

Broad Throw Light

Versitile Broad Throw Light

Model: Lowell Tota
Power: 500 watt FCM lamp/ 750 watt EMD lamp
Best Use: Ambient Lighting and Blending Background Light

On Camera Video Light

High Output LED

Power: 9.6W
Best Use: On Camera

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