Lights Rental

Whether you are going to shoot a video, film, a photo session or going to plan a stage show event,
We take a pride in our diverse lighting inventory. We carry brand name lights from trusted sources.

Types of Lights We Rent.

Commonly Used Lights

Black Light

Variety of Black Lights

LED Twin Lights

Dimmable Studio Light Kit

Model: Bescor LED Light
Power: 200W/ each panel
Best Use: Mobile Film and Photography

Strobe Light DJ

Revolution in Strobe Lights!

Model: American DJ
Power: 70W
Best Use: Parties and Events

On Camera Light

High-Power Halogen Bulb

Model: OPTEKA 150
Power: 100w/12v
Best Use: Spot Lighting for Events and Production

150 Watt On Camera

Mid-Full Sized Camcorders

Model: NRG Versalite
Power: 150W
Best Use: Spot Lighting Film and Photography

Broad Throw Light

Versitile Broad Throw Light

Model: Lowell Tota
Power: 500 watt FCM lamp/ 750 watt EMD lamp
Best Use: Ambient Lighting and Blending Background Light

ETC Spotlight Rental

Powerful HPL Bulb

Model: ETC Light
Power: 750W
Best Use: Well Defined, Clean Spot Lighting

On Camera Video Light

High Output LED

Power: 9.6W
Best Use: On Camera

Digital ParLite

New Digital Par Can Lights!

Model: Coemar RGB ParLite
Power: 3.2W
Best Use: Uplighting, Ambient Background Lighting

Prime 400 LED Light

Model: Lowell Prime LED
Power: 5,600K Daylight Balance
Best Use: Studio Quality Light, for Video and Photography

Soft Box Light (1000 x 3)

High Output LED

Model: M3111000
Power: 1000 x 3
Best Use: Photo Video

UV-18 Slimbank Light

  • High output black light with 18LEDs
  • Ideal for Halloween and new year parties
  • SlimBank Tri18

    Consists of 18 LED lights. Excellent choice for high noise areas.

    Follow Spot Light

    Altman Spot Light With Casters

    Chauvet DJ Freedom Quad 4

    Fanless & Battery Operated

    Solaris Flare

    Comes in different versions: IP65, RGBW, HD, HR

    Our ProcessIn 3 Simple Steps

    Professional courteous assistant over the phone

    Step 1

    Call/Email us list of the equipment you need.

    Step 2

    We send you a quote as a pdf. If you like it, you can pay online for the quote.

    Step 3

    After payment, we will send you the confirmation & you are all set at this point.

    Stage Dividing Notes

    • Dividing the stage area
    • Stage area for a play
    • Stage area for a musical
    • Light colors for a play
    • Light colors for a musical

    Stage Lighting Notes

    1. Lighting from the front.
    2. Lighting from the back or sides.
    3. Compromising area.
    4. Deciding types of lights to use.
    5. Choosing light engineer.