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Wireless Tour Guide Systems

Wireless Tour Guide Systems are perfect for large group trips & family outings. We can help you complete your experience with easy listening so everyone can enjoy themselves. Consultation is Free with our tech support agent. So, don't hesitate to tell us your needs. We will assist  you with all your tour guide needs!

  • With a tour guide system, the guide can speak quietly into a microphone, and have their audio broadcasted to headsets or hand-helds in the hands of everyone on the tour or in the group. This way, no one has to struggle to hear and the guide doesn’t disrupt passing groups by speaking loudly or shouting.

10 Persons Tour Guide System

For Groups of 1-10

Plants or factories.
Cruise ships.
Language interpretations.
Any out door attraction place.

15 Person Tour Guide System

For upto 15 group size.

30 Person Tour Guide System

Made for upto 30 group size.

Multiple Perosns Tour Guide System

For Groups of 20-150

Plants or factories.
Cruise ships.
Language interpretations.
Any out door attraction place.


noisy areas

High Wind Tour

Bus Tourguide

tour at the ruins

Tour at The Ruins


One Tour Guide Communication System

You Listen & Guide Talks

Two Way Comm

Both Listen & Both Talk

Our ProcessIn 3 Simple Steps

Professional courteous assistant over the phone

Step 1

Call/email us the list of equipment you need.

Step 2

We send you a quote as a pdf.

Step 3

You pay online & we send you a confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q: We only average one tour a month. Do we really need a whole system for that?

A: That depends on your needs. Is this a high-stakes presentation? Do you need your tour to communicate professionalism and competence to those in authority? Is this a question of good community relations? If so, you will only benefit from a purchasing a tour equipment package from AA Rentals. And even if you only give one tour a month, we can show you how to it to your best advantage.


Q: We’ve got a large cavernous space in which to tour. How big can the group get, and people still hear the tour guide?

A: You’re only limited by the physical space available. With some simple adjustments to the equipment, anyone with normal auditory functioning should be able to hear the guide. Normally, however, you want no more than 40 in a group.


Q: How many groups can I tour at one time?

A: Up to 17 groups can tour the same area at the same time, and each will have a full, clear signal, with no channel or frequency conflict.

Q: What is the range of signal between the guide and the guests?

A: Depending on the structure, and the distance between the guide and the farthest visitor, approximately 150 feet. In some cases, however, the signal can reach to over 300 feet.

Q: What is the biggest advantage of your system?

A: There are so many advantages, let us list a few. The AA Rentals system is compact, built to last, and completely digital. The sound is rich and clear, leaving each person on the tour with a good impression of what you’re all about. The system is easy to use—simple push-button controls allow individuals to quickly change channels, if required. Our charging case requires no cords, wires, plugs, or jacks, making re-charging at the end of the day a simple matter. And best of all, our system eliminates ambient noise, so that even tours of large manufacturing facilities come off easy.

Q: I’ve seen other companies advertise similar products. What is the advantage of going with AA Rentals?

A: We have many years of experience in providing white glove service to VIP guests, so we understand that each plant has its own needs. We do not provide a “one size fits all” system, and we don’t sell thousands of different products. We specialize in one thing: providing plants with custom equipment for giving tours. We travel to plants across North America, to provide our clients with professional service tailored to their specifications. We honestly believe you will not find better products or better service with anyone else.

Q: What else should I know about your equipment?

A: We designed the receivers, transmitters, wireless microphones, charging cases, headsets, and headphones we use, and we provide comprehensive service and support. We handle equipment service personally—we do not send clients to third party servicers. And we will take care of your needs efficiently, to provide immediate solutions to pressing problems.

Q: Something’s got to be done about tours, because our guests complain they can’t hear anything, our guides are hoarse from shouting, and I feel like we’re wasting everyone’s time. Is it possible to test your system, to see if it’s what we need?

A: Call us about a free Demo Kit, which includes samples of all the products we offer. This should allow you to test the system in your facility. Try the various options in a no-pressure time window, contact us with questions, and see if we’re right for you. We will provide the best suggestions and solutions for your specific needs.

Q: If I decide to place an order with AA Rentals System, how quickly can I get it up and running?

A: Everything we sell/rent is already in our warehouse. Once we receive your order, we prepare, assemble, pre-set, pre-program, and pre-charge all the equipment, and then ship it out. Your system will arrive ready to go—you will not have to spend days putting the whole thing together, because we’ve done it all for you.