Rent Spot Lights

Event Spot Lights

What is the best way to draw attention to something? With a spotlight, of course! Spotlights have so many uses. You can use the to illuminate a sign or entry-way. They can be used as ambient light, or to draw attention to a presenter or speaker. Spotlights are a powerful way to tell your audience to pay attention to something, and they should be added to your rental list for nearly every type of event.

VL 2500 Spot

Small & light weight

Follow Spot Light

ETC Spot Light

5, 10, 26, 50 (deg)


  • To illuminate an entrance. If you are hosting an event and need a subtle way to funnel your audience towards an entrance, then a spotlight is a nice, unobtrusive way to guide a crowd in a certain direction.
  • On the stage. If you are hosting an event with a stage and a speaker or panel, then spot lights are absolutely required. The audience will want to see and hear whomever is speaking to them, and spotlights are the best way to illuminate your speakers.
  • For the dance floor. Whether or not you are hosting performances, spotlights are a great way to make a dance floor feel special. They can illuminate a bride and groom during their first dance, or just encourage everyone at the party to get out on the floor!

Rental Equipment You Can Trust:

Different spotlights are recommended for different events, which is why we stock a variety of them in order to give you options. The AV professionals on our team can help you to determine what type of light you need for your event, and we will support you in the set up. Don’t go without great lighting. Spotlights will make a huge difference at your event.