DJ Lighting Equipment Rental

Lighting plays a key role in setting the tone and the mood of an event.

Imagine going to a nightclub or to a dance party with bright fluorescent lights and plain white walls. It’ll feel more like a doctor’s office than a party. Or imagine a space that is so dark you can’t even tell who’s dancing beside you. Aside from the actual music being played and the quality of the sound, renting lights makes up a huge part of the entire ambiance of the event.

Techno Strobe Light Rental

Strobe Light DJ

Intimidator LED 350

Vertigo Hex Light

RGB LED Lights

Gobo Projector

Comes with 4 premade gobos.

Fog Machine

Light Control Obey 70

56 beam mini Rotating Light

  • Tri color RGB lights
  • Sound activated.
  • Perfect for dance parties.

UV-18 Slimbank

Has18 UV LED lights. Barn doors direct the light where it is needed.

SlimBankTri-18 By Chauvet

Highly effective in noise areas. Conisists of 18 LED lights with presets and a dimmer on the back

DJ Freedom Light (Quad 4)

Wireless Battery Operated. Sets up in a few minutes

In addition to equipping the space with the right lighting, DJ’s also need to be able to easily control it. Follow this guide to help you get started.

Effective Lighting Will Set the Tone of the Party

No matter how often or sparingly you may take on a DJ gig, it’s in your best interests to learn all there is to know about lighting, and how to work and control them appropriately.

Forget about relying on the venue’s VJ to deal with the lighting. Knowing all about lights will give you a competitive edge over other DJs, and the reason is simple: having a firm grasp on lighting and how they are used will make communications with the venue’s VJ a lot easier. You can essentially talk the VJ through your set, after which he/she can cue up certain lightings to coincide with your setlist.

If the venue does not have a VJ, having this knowledge and experience yourself will make you appear highly professional. The venue owner will most certainly consider hiring you again for future events.

Using ‘Intelligent Lighting’ in Your Set Up

You could always use traditional lights featuring simple lamps, and place colour filters in front of them in order to create a colourful effect. In this case, you’d have to get yourself some dimmer packs in order to be able to adjust the level of brightness of these lights, and even turn them on or off.

To make things more convenient, you should get yourself ‘intelligent’ LED lights that make controlling the lights a lot easier. Simple actions like turning the lights on and off, dimming them, changing the colours, and adding effects are a cinch with intelligent lighting.

Various modes are built into these lights, the simplest of which is known as a ‘static’ mode. With this version, the light is turned on and off. If it’s able to display all colours, you can change the colour to your choosing. A ‘standalone’ mode will allow you to change things automatically, because they feature a built-in program that allows such actions.

The majority of intelligent lights also feature a "sound-to-light" mode or "sound-operated" mode which syncs the sound-to-light program to the different musical beats. In addition, most intelligent lights feature a "DMX" mode, in which the light can be controlled by using a "DMX controller".

So there you have it. Lighting doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think - instead, it can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your next DJ gig.

If you rent your next DJ lighting from, you will be able to gain access to the most innovative lights on the market, without having to pay out-of-pocket for a flat-out purchase! Debt your DJ lights from today!

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