Da-lite Screen Repair

This Is How I Fixed My Da-Lite Projection Screen

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Required Parts To Repair Da-Lite

You will need the following parts before proceeding the repair. Mallet/hammer (optional)
Part 45766 (Anchor nut, .156 long, zinc 1 0.94)
Part 57923 Spring button assy., handle/tube 2 3.40
A Screw Driver
A wranch

kit to repair dalite

Dalite Screen Tool Kit

Step 1

broken Da-lite screenCustomer returned the screen with NO "spring button assembly" and NO "Anchor nut"

Step 2

Step 2I lifted the whole screen up, without the handle, and by using a screw driver, I secured the screen to the last hole of the outer tube (as shown in the picture).

Step 3

Step 3Then take a piece of a scotch tape and an anchor nut. Place the tape on the flat part of the anchor nut.

Step 4

Step 4Then paste the tape and the anchor nut on the part of the handle as shown in the picture.

Step 5

Step 5Move the handle assembly that had the anchor nut under the screen assembly as shown in the picture.

Step 6

Step 6Then slide the handle underneath the assembly as shown in the picture. Sometime it is hard to slide under. Use mallet to slide it in.

Step 7

Step 7Then insert the spring button assembly and screw it tight using a wranch