How Do Teleprompters Work?

How Do Teleprompters Work?

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How Do Teleprompters Work?


Teleprompters display text that a person in front of a camera can read off of.

The individual can look directly into the camera and still able to read the script.

They’re typically used in newsrooms and other settings where people are speaking for long periods of without looking away from the video camera.


Teleprompter Parts


There are three main components of a teleprompter system:


  1. Glass


A teleprompter is basically like a one-way mirror, which has this effect because of the glass. When shrouded, clear glass can be reflective, which is why windows show reflections when they’re shadowed. With a teleprompter, glass is placed at an angle, which is then surrounded by a black plastic or fabric shroud. This darkens the surface, and the glass looks like a mirror to the person looking at it as a result of the shroud.


  1. Display


Words are projected on a computer screen for the presenter to read. The display can either be a conventional CRT TV screen, or a smaller LCD display. Regardless of which one is used, the display screen is placed at the top of the teleprompter, facing downward. All information displayed comes from a computer. Since it’s facing downward, the images are reflected off of the angled glass. This makes the text reflect to the eyes of the reader.


  1. Camera


The video camera is situated behind the angled glass. Since no light or image is on this side of the glass, the video camera has a clear view of the stage. The camera cannot see the text of the teleprompter, and records as normal.

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