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Pani – Producing State-of-the-Art Stage Projectors for Nearly a Century

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Dani has been providing cutting-edge stage speakers for close to a century. After its inception by Ludwig Pani in 1930 in Vienna, Austria, Pani has been incessantly focusing on developing optical devices.

At first, such devices were made specifically for scientific and home purposes. But soon, the small projectors would grow exponentially, and be capable of projecting images over 100 square feet. And from this, the stage projector came to fruition.

This integral device realized another breakthrough in theater applications following the opening of Vienna State Opera and the Burgtheater in 1955, when famous stage designers including Professors Schneider-Siemssen and Svoboda branded “Pani” across the globe. These days, the name ‘Pani’ is synonymous with professional stage projection, with stage projectors from the brand being used on an international basis.

While the origin of the Pani stage projector came from the world of theater, a second market generation began to emerge – Events and Industrials.

Much stronger stage projectors have been needed for large venue events, including rock concerts, corporate shows, outdoor marketing, and so forth. As such, projectors with a high light power output were being increasingly requested. Pani jumped to the task and developed the world’s strongest large format projector – the BP 12 Platinum.

With incredibly strong output projectors such as these, projections a facade of over 100,000 square feet are not impossible.

Additional market segments have since been targeted by Pani, including Architectural Lighting market. The AP 2 was then developed by Pani, which was designed specifically for permanent installations where overhead expenses play a major role.

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