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11 Reasons to Hire an Independent AV Provider for Conferences and Events

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If you have ever hosted or attended a conference then you know that AV can make or break the experience. If all goes well, audio and visual work seamlessly. The conference runs on schedule, the speakers and presenters make their points, and everyone leaves having learned something. If things do not go well…then a broken microphone, projector issues, and speaker glitches can completely derail the flow of an event. 

Many event spaces will try to persuade you to use their in house AV team, but that is not in your best interest. These teams are often not passionate about AV, and their attention is regularly split between several events happening concurrently. If you want a true professional experience then make sure to hire an independent team.


Below are 11 reasons to hire an independent AV provider for conferences and events:


  • Building relationships means that you are working with someone you trust

AV companies take their clients seriously. They will help you to conceptualize your event, and they will be onsite during the event to answer any and every question you may have. If you go back to the same provider event after event, you will wind up building a strong working relationship. In contrast, if you go with the venue’s AV team you will be starting that relationship from scratch every time you host an event at a new venue. 


  • A consistent experience 

Professional AV companies purchase and maintain their own equipment. That means that you will be using the same lights, microphones, and projectors at all of your events. That type of seamless consistency leaves a lasting impression on your guests, and can eventually become a part of your brand. Make impressive presentations your think by contracting a team of AV professionals. 

Consistent Audio Video Experience

  • You will have a team dedicated 100% to your event

Unlike venue AV teams that often have to support several events happening at one time, your independent AV team will be able to give you all of their attention. You will not have to track anyone down or try to problem solve on your own when your AV support team abandons you. That type of focused, undivided attention is what yields great results, and you want your event to be great. 


  • No hidden fees

Venues are notorious for tacking on “service charges” and other vague fees. With an independent AV provider, you will agree to a price and sign a contract up front. This will make budgeting for your event much easier in the long run, as you will not have to contend with surprise invoices arriving in the mail post-conference. 


  • One point of contact means less stress on event day

Part of building a relationship with your vendor means that you will know who to call when you have questions or when things go wrong. A good AV manager is worth their weight in gold. A lot of venues will make you work through the front desk or the venue manager in order to reach AV. You have no insight into where the AV team is or how long it will take them to arrive to fix your problem. With an independent team, you will have an open line of communication with one point-person. This streamlines your entire experience with set up and AV maintenance during an event.


  • A complex event means a complex set up

If you are hosting a large, impactful event, then a podium and a projector are simply not sufficient. A professional AV team will be able to conceptualize and set up complex and striking displays which will impress your audience and underscore your point. Impressing people is a great way to make them listen to your message. High quality AV is very impressive. 

AV Setup For Event

  • Tech problems will not take you down

Tech problems happen, and when they do, you want a dedicated team on your side to problem solve quickly and efficiently. That is what you get when you hire an independent AV company. It does not matter if the issue is a broken cord, microphone feedback, or an unfocused projector, your independent AV team will be able to handle it.  


  • Professional AV equipment means a high production value for your audience

Anyone working at an independent AV provider is going to be passionate about audio and visual quality. That means that as the client, you will be receiving top of the line equipment as opposed to venue equipment which is often several years old and dated by several models. The better the equipment, the better things look, and the better your audience feels. 


  • Less for you to worry about on event day

Outsourcing your AV for an event means outsourcing your worry about AV. Leave it to the professionals and focus your energy on other aspects of your event. One less thing to manage means less stress for you.


  • No risk of the venue employees being inexperienced or unreliable

Independent AV companies have higher hiring standards than most venues. With a dedicated AV team, you won’t have to worry about inexperience and rookie mistakes inadvertently ruining your event.


  • AV professionals have creative freedom to create something spectacular for you

Lastly, a truly professional AV team will bring an element of excitement to your event. They can help you to brainstorm fantastic ideas, and can set up something truly spectacular. Independent teams aren’t just checking boxes, they are looking to develop something excellent on your behalf.

The next time you set up an event, think twice before accepting the AV package that is offered to you. In order to create something that is impressive, high-quality, and easy to maintain, you really need to go with an independent AV provider.

Creative back Drop setup at AV event

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