Rent Musical Equipment in DMV

Musical Equipment Rental

Our clients are far-reaching and wide-ranging.

We serve a host of different clients, from professional musicians,

to DJs,

to presenters,

to concert promoters,

to individuals just wanting to rock out for the weekend.

No rental is too big or too small.

7 Piece drum set kit

Made for beginners and professionals
Great sound, huge tone, sensitive and responsive.


Comes with a set of warm and responsive Hi-hat, crashes etc.

Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal by LP Gajate.

TC Electronics RH750

Triple on board presets.Perfectly memorize all the basses tones etc.

Bass Cabinet

It is used in conjunction with Bass amp RH 750.

Bass Amp

Fender Rumble 500 (V3)


4 channel compressor and limiter by dbx


31 band graphic equlizer

24 channel Mixer

Allen and Heath Four channel Mixer

7 piece drum mic kit.

Drum kit by Samson SADK-7

16 channel 100 ft Snake

By XSPro. Comes in a case.

Korg Keyboard

61 Keys, Multi effects Korg Keyboard

Guitar Amp

Bass Amplifier

Ampeg PF800

Speaker Cabinet

Ampeg 15"


Fender Electric Guitar

In-Ear Monitoring System


We Provide Full Setup Services For Musical Events

We will deliver all equipment at your event.

We will setup equipment according to instructions you provide.

We will run your outdoor event with a trained technician.

We will breakdown the equipment and pack back to our warehouse at the end of your event.

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Who Can You Trust With your Sound and Music?

AA Rental offers everything you need to make your next musical event a success. Not only do we rent top-notch music equipment, we also offer service before, during, and after your event. Call AA Rental today to rent your music equipment!

Why is Music Equipment an Important Part of the Sound?

The person behind the music obviously brings their own set of talents to ensure the music played is amazing. But that music is really only as good as the instruments being played and the audio equipment behind it. The benefits of professional music equipment design and installation are far-reaching.