Laser Projectors

Projectors can make a huge impact at your conference or event. When a presentation, video, or photo display dominates one wall, it draws people’s attention in and engages them more fully with your event.

With laser projectors, the setup and breakdown is streamlined. There is no need to wait. Simply set it up and begin presenting. You will also notice better clarity, improved color, and longer and brighter run times that you do not enjoy with lamp-based projectors

No need to replace the lamp & Precision color accuracy.
Turn the lamp off instantly. No need to "cool off" the lamp.
Brightness is maintained over a longer life cycle.

Optoma ZH400UST

4000 Lumens

Sony VPL-PHZ10 Rental

5000 Lumens


7200 Lumens


10000 Lumens


32000 Lumens

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  • For Presentations: If you are hosting a conference, a lecture, or a seminar, a laser projector is a great way to display the material you are speaking to. They are easy to set up and are easy for presenters to use, which means that the flow of their talk will not be interrupted with technology issues. 
  • To Display Videos. A looping video or commercial is a great way to engage your audience at a trade show or gala. A laser projector offers a quick and easy way to set up an impressive display for your audience. 
  • To Share Memories At Life Events. Whether you are celebrating a bar mitzvah, a wedding, an anniversary party, or a funeral, a laser projector can help you to share photos and videos with everyone in attendance. It is a great way to celebrate life’s milestones.