DJ Light Kit Rental


All-In-One Lighting System!

The DJ Lighting Kit is a One -Stop -Shop for any DJ’s set. With 8  powerful PAR Lights plus, 38 CAN Lights, and a professional Truss Stand System,  this DJ Kit is sure to bring the “Energy!” to any event.  The DJ Light Kit is controlled by The “Elation Stage Pak Dimmer  System”, which will allow you to manipulate the lights and Customize each event to your liking!

DJ LIGHT KIT Includes:

  • 8    PAR Lights
  • 38 CAN Lights

 Elation Stage Pak Dimmer System :

  • Stage Setter-8 DMX controller
  • 2   25′ XLR to XLR cables
  • 2   DP-415 dimmers

Also Includes:

  • 1     Truss-Style Lighting Stand for Professional and Stable Light setup.

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SX2 Serato DJ Controller

  1. Comes with Serao DJ Software
  2. Native support for a flip function.
  3. Large Jog wheels.
  4. Eight performance pads per deck


DDJ SX2 Manual

LED Twin Lights

  1. 2 Lights/AC adapters and 2 stands
  2. 210 LED in each panel
  3. 400 watts total
  4. 25-100% dimmer
  5. Weight 5 lbs.
  6. 7.1 Max height
  7. Best Use: Film and Photography setup

DJ Freedom Par Quad 4 Rental

  1. Perfect for 12″ Truss
  2. 20 Watts of RGBA Mixing (5 watts/2A per LED bulb).
  3. Quad colors for extra color combination
  4. No fan and silent operation.
  5. Runs upto 20hrs with one color ON and upto 8 hrs with all colors ON.
  6. Weighs 6lb including battery).
  7. DMX Connector: 3-pin XLR
  8. DMX Channels 2,6 or 10

Mackie 4 channel Mixer Rental

  1. 4 high headroom.
  2. low noise mic preamps .
  3. Low cut filter on mic channels .
  4. (1-4) 3-Band EQ (12kHz, 2.5kHz, 80Hz) Mute/Alt.
  5. 3-4 for extra stereo bus Control Room
  6. Phones assign matrix Balanced inputs and outputs (except inserts, phones, RCAs).
  7. Balanced  XLR & 1/4″ main outputs VLZ ½ circuitry
  8. An “audio toolbox” for all applications!

4Ch MackieMixer Manual


Chauvet Geyser RGB Rental

  1. 25′ of vertical fog brightened by LEDs
  2. Multiple color stage effects by 21 LEDs
  3. 8 DMX channels to produce various effects.
  4. Liquid consumption 1L/8min
  5. Vetical and horizontal mount options.
  6. Weighs 21 lb.

T Stage Rental

Dimension: T  16 x 12  (Various other configurations are available).

Height: adjustable 8, 16, 24 (inches)

Weight: 450 lbs.

Color: Black

Material: Metal


P.S. When calling, let us know the “length of the lower part” of the T and the width of the “head of the T”.

Up-lights and sound system is also available.

DJM 2000 Rental

  • Xpad Control to recall parameters of each beat effect when needed.
  • High performace sound card (24bit-96Khz).
  • Beside other effects there are three new sound Color Effects & Two new Beat Effects.
  • PRoDJ Link to connect 4CDJ-2000/900s.
  • USB connectors for top panels (DVS Software).
Download Manual

CDJ 2000 Rental

  1. Just like CDJ 1000 but with more features and functionality.
  2. MP3 Support
  3. Jog Shuttle

CDJ 2000 Manual