Slim Bank UV18 Rental

  1. High power 18 UV LEDs light in one panel (Wide Area Black Light).
  2. Barn doors direct light where it is needed.
  3. LED fades smoothly.
  4. By using CBB-6 multiple units can be installed.
  5. DMX controllable.


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8 x 8 Stage Rental

Dimension: 8 x 8

Height: adjustable 8, 16, 24 (inches)

Weight: 300 lbs.

Color: Black

Material: Metal

T Bars For Lights Rental

  1. One HDMI input and 1HDMI output.
  2. Thundebolt connection.
  3. Comes with cables breakout.
  4. 3 GB/s SDI in/out

DJ Light Kit Rental

All-In-One Lighting System!

The DJ Lighting Kit is a One -Stop -Shop for any DJ’s set. With 8  powerful PAR Lights plus, 38 CAN Lights, and a professional Truss Stand System,  this DJ Kit is sure to bring the “Energy!” to any event.  The DJ Light Kit is controlled by The “Elation Stage Pak Dimmer  System”, which will allow you to manipulate the lights and Customize each event to your liking!

DJ LIGHT KIT Includes:

  • 8    PAR Lights
  • 38 CAN Lights

 Elation Stage Pak Dimmer System :

  • Stage Setter-8 DMX controller
  • 2   25′ XLR to XLR cables
  • 2   DP-415 dimmers

Also Includes:

  • 1     Truss-Style Lighting Stand for Professional and Stable Light setup.