DJM 2000 Rental

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  • Xpad Control to recall parameters of each beat effect when needed.
  • High performace sound card (24bit-96Khz).
  • Beside other effects there are three new sound Color Effects & Two new Beat Effects.
  • PRoDJ Link to connect 4CDJ-2000/900s.
  • USB connectors for top panels (DVS Software).
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CDJ 2000 Nexus Rental

  1. Files compatability: MP3, Waves, AIFF, AAC
  2. USB storage File Format: FAT 16 and 32
  3. Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista and Win 7,
  4. Audio Outs: RCA x 1, Digital Coax

Rane Serato Scratch

  1. Simple, reliable hardware interface connects turntables to computer

  2. Powerful, easy-to-use software allows scratching, needle drops, and all other DJ functions


Scratch Live SL 4 2.5 Manual

RCA To XLR Adapter

Female RCA input to Female XLR Output.

CDJ 1000 Rental

  1. The new industry standard  provides full MP3 compatibility,
  2. A HOT LOOP feature, JOG Wheel Feeling Adjust.
  3. A brighter improved resolution.


CDJ 1000MK3 Manual

XLS1500 from Crown Audio

  1. Light weight.
  2. Drive core technology.
  3. PureBand crossover system


Crown XLS 1500 Manual

Wireless Mic Shure SM58

  1. Shure SLX4 Diversity Receiver with PS20 Power Supply
  2. 1/4 Wave Antennas
  3. Convention Centers, Hotels
  4. Available in H5 and J3 Frequencies.
  5. Meetings, conventions, hotels

QSC K152 Speaker Rental

Power Cont.   1000 watts
Max. Power   2000 watts
Weight:   51lb
Equalization   yes (presets)
XLR Loop:   Yes
Woofer Size:   15″
Stands:   Yes

1000 Watts Subwoofer

  1. 1000 Watts
  2. Subs Size 18″
  3. Loudness 135 Peak
  4. Weighs 100lbs