Sony DSR 11 Rental

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The DSR-11 compact DVCAM video recorder is equipped with i.LINK IEEE-1394 DV based I/O connection, multi-voltage operation, and both NTSC and PAL playback and recording capability. The DSR-11 can record and playback in either DVCAM or consumer DV formats, will accommodate both standard and mini size DVCAM and DV cassettes, and is able to be placed in either vertical or horizontal positions. The DSR-11 weighs only 6 lbs. 2 oz. With its compact design, it can be placed on top of a PC tower or on its side by using the supplied stand. The DSR-11 can record two channels of audio with 48 kFs/16 bit or four channels of audio with 32 kFs/12 bit sampling that is selectable through the menu. The DSR-11 is equipped with a 4-pin i.LINK jack that allows digital dubbing with virtually no quality loss. It can be connected to other VTR equipment with this connection as well as to video capture boards that support the DV IN/OUT interface (IEEE 1394). In addition, the DSR-11 can copy timecode through the i.LINK connection from a non-tape source (such as a PC) when recording in the DVCAM mode.


Sony DSR-11 Manual


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Sony Anycast Manual

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