Konexx Adapter

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Used to attach a PBX digital phone to any sound station.

User Manual 

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Deluxe JBL Sound System (A)

  1. One microphone.

  2. Two speakers (175 x 2 Watts 10″sub)

  3. Built-in AMP.

  4. Two stands

  5. Cables.

Gentner DH20 Rental (Gentner Box)

The DH20 is a high quality single line telephone interface that interconnects a standard telephone line and your audio equipment, allowing you the ability to send audio to and receive audio from a connected telephone line. The DH20 is ideal when the very best audio quality is required for talk shows, news feeds, production, recording studios, and internet applications.

DH20 How To Broadcast Manual

DH20 22 Manual



Polycom Voice Station 500

  1. Made for desktop, small office space

  2. Group size 1-4

  3. Maximum mic distance 7ft range


User Manual 

Polycom Mic Extensions

  1. Mic Extension set for any sound station
  2. Increases audience size from 15 to 25
User Manual