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Elmo Document Camera P-100

  1.     30 frames per second image capture – smooth natural movement
  2.     1,300,000 pixels, SXGA (1280×1024) native resolution, 800 HV lines industry standard
  3.     HDTV 1280×720 dot output – no oblong display, even with 16:9 TV monitors
  4.     Quick Setup – one action, fast and easy
  5.     Ultra functional design – smooth operation
  6.     Integrated LCD monitor – fast positioning
  7.     Max clarity 64x zoom (16x optical, 4xdigital1)
  8.     Exclusive lens minimizes distortion
  9.     USB connection to PC supports instant drawing to highlight and annotate image
  10.     Built-in SD Card slot allows stored image slide shows, and split image (9 &16 split), without PC
  11.     Split display – live and stored images on PC
  12.     Flexible camera and light arms – show parts or side views of any 3D object on stage
  13.     Clear text mode – accentuates black and white contrast for excellent readable text
  14.     Progressive Scan eliminates flicker and blur

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