Prime 400 LED Light (Day Light)

  1. Very low energy dissipation.
  2.  5600K Day Light.
  3. 50 (Degree) beam angle.
  4. 24.9 x 14.9 x 8.9″
  5. Best Use:  For Video and Photostudio.

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Through-the-Lens Prompters

Teleprompter Features:

  1. 17″ LCD and software controlled mirroring.
  2. Reading Distance: 22′
  3. Za Prompt Software (MAC and PC compatible)
  4. Beam splitter glass size: 14 x 16″ (17″ diagonally)
  5. Weighs 16lbs.
  6. Camera adjustment 3″ of height.
  7. Camera slides to balance weight.
  8. Full size ENG cameras supported

t-bar stand-rental

It extends upto 12′. Black color and made of aluminum.

SONY-HDR FX-1 Rental

Type: Pro
Optical zoom: 12x
Quality: Full 1080p
Recording: MiniDV
Mic Inputs: Yes (Built-In) (Mini Jack)
Weight: 4 lbs 6.5 oz


Type: Consumer
Optical zoom: 10x
Quality: High Definition
Recording: 32G for 2hrs of recording
Mic Inputs: Yes (3.5mm Mini Jack)
Weight: 23 oz