17″ Teleprompter Rental (Bundled-2 Prompter)

  1. Includes 2 Prompters.
  2. 14  x 14″ mirror (semi glossy to split the light beam)
  3. 17″ monitor 16:9 (not included).
  4. Only VGA input (Can be used with HDMI with additional adapter)
  5. Power cable (2),
  6. VGA cables 3 at 25′
  7. VGA distribution amp 1 x 4
  8. Height: 6′, Width: 15″, Depth: 15″.
  9. 19 lbs.

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High-transparency reflective 70/30 BeamSplitter mirrors are used by the teleprompters, making them highly functional despite their inconspicuous nature. ZaPrompt Pro teleprompter software also comes with the mirrors.

Content can be displayed on up to four monitors at the same time thanks to the 4-port VGA splitter. It’s ideal for trade shows, classroom settings, and even displays in stores when you need top quality video on an additional monitor. Display images of up to 2048 x 1536 pixels are possible thanks to the ability of the splitter to accommodate up to 350 MHz of bandwidth. The splitter makes it possible for a computer to be linked to up to four VGA-compatible monitors.

The portability of the VG splitter makes it possible to move your computer to a different location that’s more secure, safe and quiet. You may also choose to keep your VGA display beside the computer and add another VGA display at the sae time, including a monitor, projector or plasma.

Not only does the 4-port VGA splitter act as a duplicator, but it also helps to improve the signals over broadcasting at long distances. You can easily add more units to handle many more monitors that the installation calls for, which makes it an ideal resolution for public broadcasting.

The splitter is easily installed, and permits you to position multiple monitors up to 200 feet away from the computer. Over long distances, you can achieve various top quality video signals.

Three 25’ VGA cables come with the Presidential Prompter Bundle, which allow individual teleprompter monitors to be connected to the splitter, as well as a cable to be connected to the computer operating the software.

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