HPX250 P2 HD Camera


Type: Pro
Optical zoom: 22x
Quality: High Definition
Recording: P2 Cards
Mic Inputs: Yes
Weight: 5.5 lbs


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Bogen Tripod T3036 H3063

Head designed for medium weight ENG cameras up to 5Kg. The head has smooth fluid movements and separate pan and tilt locks. Features quick release camera plate with secondary safety lock and pan bar handle which is positioned on either side of the head. A spirit level is built in.

Dell Deluxe Laptop C

  1. Intel Core 2 Duo T7800

  2. 256 MB Nvidia Quadro

  3. 800 MHZ 4M L2 Cache

  4. P4  2.6 Ghz

  5. 120 Gig hard drive. 5400rpm

  6. 2G RAM, Internet Modem

  7. Ethernet port, 802.11bg, CDRW/DVD

  8. 15.4″ WXGA TFT

  9. Touch pad with UPEK reader

  10. Model D830

D3 VCR Rental

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  2. 100x normal shuttle speed.
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