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Walkie Talkie Rental

For many businesses purchasing two-way radios may not always be the optimal choice. This may be especially true for businesses only occasionally using walkies-talkies. For these businesses renting is cheaper or more practical than investing in a purchase.

We have the most useful quality choices of two-way radios available to rent on the market. Our company carries the top brands for walkie talkie rental, including Midland and Motorola. Followings are some of the most popular brands

Basic Walkies Talkies

Basic Walkies Talkies

  • Head sets (optional)
  • Car and AC adapter
  • 4 watts UHF.
  • 16 channels.
  • This is one of the most popular and most rented unit in the US. It is very easy to use , great sound quality and rugged construction.
    Deluxe Walkies Talkies

    Deluxe Walkies Talkies

  • Taxi and limo services,
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing units,
  • Agriculture,
  • Delivery and security services.
  • Ultimate Walkies Takies

    Ultimate Walkies Takies

  • Manufacturing companies and
  • Local delivery services.
  • Our ProcessIn 3 Simple Steps

    Professional courteous assistant over the phone

    Step 1

    Call or send us an email of the list of the things you need by using our "add to quote" function.

    Step 2

    We send you a quote as a pdf attachment. If you like the quote, you can go online and pay for the quote.

    Step 3

    We will send you a confirmation from our end once we receive the payment and you are all set at this point.

    Coverage Area

    CP (model) coverage is about 1 sq mile and up to 4 miles with line of sight. Systems are not available in all areas and prices vary per provider.

    10 or higher mileage area coverage is possible through a radio system with an antenna tower or sky rise type of set up.