VRX-932LA-1 Rental

  • 800 watts, stack-able up to 6 units, bi-amplified.
  • Max SPL of 130 db.
  • Power Capacity: 800 Watts Cont.; 1600 Watts Peak; 3200 Watts (Runs up to 2 hrs).
  • 12″ Woofer design

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Mackie 6 Channel Mixer

  1. 6 mic input channels with insert points
  2. 4 channels of stereo line level input
  3. 3-band EQ * 60mm faders
  4. 2 effects sends/returns
  5. Channel solo and mute/alt 3-4 buttons
  6. Controls room outs
  7. Phantom power for condenser mics

6 Ch Mackie MixerManual


XLS1500 from Crown Audio

  1. Light weight.
  2. Drive core technology.
  3. PureBand crossover system


Crown XLS 1500 Manual

QSC K152 Speaker Rental

Power Cont. 1000 watts
Max. Power 2000 watts
Weight: 51lb
Equalization yes (presets)
XLR Loop: Yes
Woofer Size: 15″
Stands: Yes

100Ft XLR Cable

100Ft XLR Cable. Male to Female. All purpose.

speaker stand rental

  1. Can be adjusted from 3-7ft.
  2. MAx. load capacity 132 lbs.
  3. For additional security and strength, safety pin is included.
  4. Comes in black finish.

XLR Adaptor Cable

XLR to Mini 1/8th. Male mini and Female XLR. 5Ft