HDQ 4K35 Barco Projector

  1. 4K 3Chip DLP projector
  2. 35000 Lumens/33000 ANSI Lumens
  3. Contrast 2000:1
  4. Inputs: HDMI, 3G-HD-SDI, 2 DP 1.1 type
User Manual 

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Please note, this projector uses 240 volt of electricity. The electric plug for this type of projector is L6-30 kind (3 prongs)

  1. You must have 240 voltage available at your facility with a plug where you want to setup this projector.
  2. You can not use any adapter to change L630 plug to regular D-plug.
  3. Extension cables are available from local hardware stores.


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HDMI Cable 100Ft

HDMI Cable
100 Ft in length
Has an amplifier for signal boost


100 Ft of VGA cable is $35.00.
100ft HDMI cable doesnt work very well. So to transmit HDMI signal, you will need the following equipment:
1. HDMI to SDI converter ($95.00)
2. SDI to HDMI converter ($95.00)
3. Two HDMI cables ($5.00 each). short lengths
4. One 100ft HD-SDI cable ($35.00).
Unless there is a compelling reason that you want to stick with HDMI for a longer distance (100ft or more) then you can spend over $200.00 for it.
And if your signal is a standard signal there is no need to go with the above configuration. HDMI is stable for upto 40 ft of length.


Fast Fold Screens

  1. legs are constructed of sturdy 1-1/4″ square aluminum tubing.
  2. Easy release latches.
  3. Quick set up and tear down of the screen
  4. Sizes (H x W): 6 x 8, 7.5 x 10, 9 x 12, 10.5 x 14.
  5. Each screen type requires at least (2.5′ + H) of ceiling clearance.

Projector Cart Rental

  • Adjustable height 26″ – 42″
  • 49 lb.
  • 42H x 24W x 18D