3000 Lumens Optoma 1080P Rental

  • Native Resolution: 1080P
  • Lumens: 3,000 lumens
  • Contrast: 23000
  • HDMI: 2 Inputs
  • USB: 1

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Wireless Laser Pointer Rental

Logitech R800

  1. Working Range: Upto 100ft or 30 meters.
  2. Includes USB receiver.
  3. Signal level indicator shows the strength.
  4. Doesnt require any additional software.
  5. Works with Windows Vista, Window 7, Windows 10 and later
  6. Forward/Backward/Stop/Play Buttons For slides.

Laptop Table Stand

  • Light weight
  • Variable heights.
  • Easy viewing and working positions.

Dell Premium Laptop Rental E5510

  1. Windows 10

  2. Intel Core i3 Processor

  3. 160 Gig hard drive 9.5MM,7200RPM

  4. 4G RAM, Internet Modem

  5. Ethernet port, 802.11bg, DVDRW, Wi-Fi

  6. 15.6″ HD(1366×768) Anti -Glare LED

  7. Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth Module Fire Wire port

Projector Screen Rental

  1. High quality professional tripod screen.
  2. Adjustable to accommodate any ceiling height.
  3. Available sizes: 5 x 5;   6 x 6;   7 x 7;   8 x 8;  12 x 12(Special)

**Please mention the size you are looking for.

AV Cart Rental

Portable multimedia cart for projectors, 15″ speakers, 30″ LCD TV with casters.

24″ x 18″ storage shelves

Adjustable height upto 54″

HDMI Cable 100Ft

HDMI Cable
100 Ft in length
Has an amplifier for signal boost


100 Ft of VGA cable is $35.00.
100ft HDMI cable doesnt work very well. So to transmit HDMI signal, you will need the following equipment:
1. HDMI to SDI converter ($95.00)
2. SDI to HDMI converter ($95.00)
3. Two HDMI cables ($5.00 each). short lengths
4. One 100ft HD-SDI cable ($35.00).
Unless there is a compelling reason that you want to stick with HDMI for a longer distance (100ft or more) then you can spend over $200.00 for it.
And if your signal is a standard signal there is no need to go with the above configuration. HDMI is stable for upto 40 ft of length.