Audio Recorders

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Marantz PMD222

  1. Records at 2 speeds.
  2. Automatic level control.
  3. Built-in condenser mic.
  4. Mini plug mic input.
  5. Modular telephone jack.
  6. Built-in speaker.
  7. RCA line inputs/outputs.

Olympus DS-7000

  1. Password protection option
  2. Internal stereo microphone
  3. MiniUSB to connect with PC/Mac.
  4. On board speakers
  5. AA batteries

Roland CD recorder

The CD-2e is a versatile portable stereo recorder fromRoland. This small, all-in-one unit is perfect for recording rehearsals, recitals, lectures, jam sessions, and more. It can record audio to SD flash memory cards or to CD-R/RW discs.


Tascam Audio Recorder Rental

  1. Burns CD copies without a computer. It takes CDR and CDRW discs up to 74 min/650mb, and writes or re-writes depending on media.
  2. Stereo balanced (cannon plug) analog inputs and outputs, stereo unbalanced (RCA) inputs and outputs, digital coaxial (RCA) inputs and outputs, digital optical (lightpipe) inputs and outputs, and an AES/EBU digital cannon plug input.
  3. Control I/O connector and a full featured wired remote control.
  4. Sync start feature, stereo analog input level controls and a headphone out jack with volume control.

Tascam DA-40

  1. The DA-40 is the ideal machine for studios and broadcast applications
  2. The DA-40 can be used in both analog and digital environments.
  3. CMS code can be overridden, allowing you to duplicate your project at will.
  4. Jog/Shuttle wheel, allowing more tactile control with the tape transport.
  5. The DA-40 also has more advanced features that take it far beyond its competition.

Zoom H4n

  1. Crystal clear Digital audio quality
  2. 3 Pin XLR input
  3. SD card for recording
  4. USB/ PC interface
  5. AA Batteries


Zoom h4n Manual