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50′ HDMI Cable

50ft HDMI Cable A Type Connections.

Folsom Pro HD Rental

Folsom pro has variety of different types of video inputs that can be used with almost any kind of video device. This unit can be used as a scan converter, switcher or a transcoder.

HDMI Cable 100Ft

HDMI Cable
100 Ft in length
Has an amplifier for signal boost


100 Ft of VGA cable is $35.00.
100ft HDMI cable doesnt work very well. So to transmit HDMI signal, you will need the following equipment:
1. HDMI to SDI converter ($95.00)
2. SDI to HDMI converter ($95.00)
3. Two HDMI cables ($5.00 each). short lengths
4. One 100ft HD-SDI cable ($35.00).
Unless there is a compelling reason that you want to stick with HDMI for a longer distance (100ft or more) then you can spend over $200.00 for it.
And if your signal is a standard signal there is no need to go with the above configuration. HDMI is stable for upto 40 ft of length.


HDMI To VGA Converter

  1. Detects HDM/DVI signals automatically.
  2. Front input selection buttons.
  3. Inputs: HDMI (1) and DVI (1)
  4. Outputs: 1 VGA and Stereo audio.

Projector Cart Rental

  • Adjustable height 26″ – 42″
  • 49 lb.
  • 42H x 24W x 18D


Scan Converter-1024HD

Scan Converter:

  • supports 1080i output
  • Scan transcode aspect ratio and standard convert video formats
  • Line doubler and signal processor

Sony DSC-1024hd

t-bar stand-rental

It extends upto 12′. Black color and made of aluminum.

VGA Cable 100Ft

100′ VGA cable Male to Male. Double shielded, heavy duty with very minimum loss. Made for professional applications

VGA Distributor Rental

Maximum resolution 2048 x 1536

Bandwidth 400Mhz.

Can be daisy chained.

Use 9 volt external adapter

Model 118-A


VGA Switcher Rental


  1. 250MHz pixel freq.
  2. Support upto 1920 x 1440
  3. Metal Casing
  4. Select upto 4 VGA inputs (15 pins)