10K Lumens Projectors

10000 Lumen Projector Rental For Event Success

These projectors require special long and short throw lenses in most cases.
They are used in concerts, theaters or for any large screen displays.
They are heavy and are in a case. You will need at least an SUV or a minivan to carry.
10000 lumens projector rental come with a standard lens. Special lens costs extra. 
Selection of Special lens require horizontal size of screen and the distance from the screen and the projector.

8000 lumens projector

8000 Lumens Projector

Group Size: Large Venue

Lumens: 8000
Contrast: 7500
Sanyo PDG-DHT8000L

10000 lumens projector

10000 Lumens Projector

Group Size: Large Venue

Lumens: 1000
Contrast: 1100
Road Runner LX100

18000 Lumens Projector

18000 Lumens Projector

Group Size: Large Venue

Lumens: 18000
Contrast: 1850
Barco HDX-W18

Light is the enemy of projection

Low Light - Better Projection

HD Projectors

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