Stage Or Riser Rental Richmond VA

Stage Rental Richmond

Our Experience

We have provided stages for small and large parties. When we setup stage we bubble up the surface to make sure it is evenly balanced on all forur edges. Setting up a stage is a hard work. Thats why we design it very carefully.
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♦ Musical Live Event
♦ Ribbon Ceremony
♦ Public Addresses
♦ Fashion Shows
♦ Dance Parties
♦ Video Production Crew Setup
♦ For DJ To Setup Their Equipment

Other Things to Consider!

✓ Speaker Equipment
✓ Number of Microphones
✓ Musical Equipment.
✓ Sound Mixers/Amps
✓ Video Walls
✓ Setting Up/Delivery/Pickup/Strike

Friday to Monday Deal
between 3:00 pm-6:00 pm on Friday
Drop off
before11:00 AM on Monday.

Stage Riser 4x4x8

Great for Small Productions

Guaged Steel Reinforcement
Size: 4x4x8

Stage Riser 6x6x8

Great Outdoor Stage

Guaged Steel Reinforcement
Size: 6x6x8

Stage Riser 8x8x16

Large Events

Guaged Steel Reinforcement
Size: 8x8x16

Pipe and drape

Carpeted Portable Stage

Made of premium grade steel.
Carpeted deck
Comes in 3 sections

Rental Choices

Either customer picks up or we deliver to the customer -local delivery only.


  • We will deliver and setup.
  • You can go through the setup process with the technician.
  • We will pickup the next day or at the designated time on your invoice.
  • Cost varies depending on the type of the setup.
  • (Equipment+Setup+Tech.)
    We will deliver and setup. Technician will stay and run the equipment. Once done, he will strike and bring back the equipment.

    Facts About Our Stages

    • All variations of stages are basically made of 4 x 8 pieces (Feet). And weigh 150 lbs each.
    • They are made of heavy metal (steel).
    • You need two individuals (minimum) to deliver and setup.
    • If you are picking up, make sure you have AT LEAST Ford E250 Extended VAN or similar.
    • Height (of these stages) can be adjusted to 8", 16" and 24" (inches).
    • You don't need extra stair case for 8" (inches) high stage.
    • Skirt (in black) is available for all models.
    • Any "stage layout" can be made from 4 x 8 pieces. Our most popular dimensions are listed below:

    4 x 8 Stage

    8 x 8 Stage

    8 x 12 Stage

    8 x 16 Stage

    16 x 12 Stage

    16 X 16 Stage

    16 X 20 Stage

    16x24 Stage

    L Shape Stage

    T Stage For Fashion Shows

    U Stage

    Black Skirt For Stage

    Keep in Mind . . .

    1. We are a full service audio visual and lighting company.
    2. We have tons of sound systems configurations.
    3. We carry 2K and 4K LEDs and projectors for any event.
    4. Best of all, we have dedicated and experienced full time technicians to make your event a success.