Sony UVW-1800 Rental

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  • High Speed Picture Search This feature provides a recognizable picture at various speeds over a range of up to five times normal speed in color, and up to 16 times normal speed in monochrome, both in forward and reverse.
  • Full Editing Function


  • COMPONENT IN 1 (12-pin male) – VIDEO IN (BNC)
  • AUDIO IN CH-1/2 (XLR 3-pin female) – VIDEO IN (BNC) – +4DbU *2, 600/10K Selectable, balanced
  • COMPONENT OUT 1 (12-pin male) – VIDEO OUT 2 (BNC)
  • AUDIO LINE OUT (XLR 3-pin male) CH1/2 – VIDEO OUT 2 (BNC) – +4dBu, 600 balanced
  • AUDIO MONITOR OUT (Phono) CH1/2 – VIDEO OUT 2 (BNC) -6 dBu

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Sony AWS-G500HD Anycast Station

Anycast is a device to switch multiple video sources inputs by using different types of cards. It can also mix “mixed audio” and “embedded audio” and switch them around different inputs. It comes with plenty of different fades and cross fades to switch between the sources. If you are doing a live multiple camera production, this switcher can be used to create powerfull content. As seen in the picture below, it consists of: 
1. A video switcher
2. An audio mixer
3. A large builtin display monitor.
4. Streaming encoder and a server.


Sony Anycast Manual

Dell Deluxe Laptop Rental Sony Vaio


  1. P4  2.2 Ghz

  2. 160 Gig hard drive.

  3. 2G RAM, Internet Modem

  4. Ethernet port, 802.11bg, DVDRW

  5. 13.3″ WXGA TFT

21″ Basic iMac

  1. OS Mountain Lion X
  2. 2.66 Intel core Duo
  3. 2G RAM/250GB Internal hard drive

Tricaster Control Surface

  • A Perfect application for Live Production.
  • Tricaster CS provides users with a Seamless Workflow.
  • Illuminated buttons for easy sight navigation and performance.
  • Premium T-Bar plus 3-Axis Joystick: For precision control of  Zooms, FX, and Transitions .
User Manual