Enhanced Definition ETC Source 4 EDLT Leko

  • Excellent sharpness/contrast
  • Die-cast (rugged) aluminum design
  • More output than its predecessors
  • Doesnt require tools for any adustment.
  • Dichric reflector removes almost 90% of IR heat from the light.

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Product Description

The ETC Source Four (Source 4) EDLT X=19, 26, 36, 50) Degree Leko features a standard Source Four ellipsoidal head and an enhanced definition X degree lens tube. When your lighting situation requires even more precise optics for projecting images, gobos, and logos, the EDLT lens tube is an invaluable addition. The EDLT attaches to any standard Source Four and increases light output up to 10% while providing heightened sharpness and stunning contrast to images.