Speaker Accessories

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100Ft XLR Cable

100Ft XLR Cable. Male to Female. All purpose.

Ampeg PF800 Rental

  1. Power Output: 800W/4ohms
  2. Amp Class: Class D
  3. Type Of Preamp: MOSFET
  4. 3 Band Equlaization.
  5. Tone Controls: Treble, Mid, Bass
  6. Weighs: 11.8lbs




66.5 LB

Has been tested with a 800 watt speaker. Ran for 5 hrs without any interruption.

Iphone Adapter Cable

6ft long.

3pin XLR to 1/8th of an inch.

speaker stand rental

  1. Can be adjusted from 3-7ft.
  2. MAx. load capacity 132 lbs.
  3. For additional security and strength, safety pin is included.
  4. Comes in black finish.

XLR Adaptor Cable

XLR to Mini 1/8th. Male mini and Female XLR. 5Ft


XLR to 1/4 pin

  1. 25  ft long.
  2. Black color
  3. highest cancellation of noise and hum


  1. 25 ft in length.
  2. Noise reduction and hum cancellation.