Connecting A Laptop To Speaker

How To Connect A Speaker To Laptop

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  1. First, you will need XLR to 3.5mm jack.

  2. Make sure speaker volume is OFF all the way (Anticlockwise).

  3. Connect one end of it (3 pin XLR male) to channel “A” or “B” of the speaker.

  4. Connect 3.5 mm side of the cable to the mini-jack connection of the Mac-book.

  5. Then connect one end of the power cable to the speaker & the other end to the electric outlet.

  6. Play any music from the laptop and slowly raise the volume.

  7. Adjust the volume (by rotating the volume knob) to the desired volume.



Note: PC & Mac both have same types of connections (3.5mm). As long as you see that connection, your laptop is connectable.

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