Mackie ProFx22 Rental

  1. Sixteen (16) mics inputs. All carrying low noise pre-Amp option.
  2. One (1) 48 volts phantom power.
  3. Sixteen effects engine that also include reverbs, choruses, delays.
  4. Seven (7) band graphic EQ.
  5. Balanced XLR/Unbalanced 1/4 inch main outs.

Mackie ProFX22-30-16-8 Manual

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QSC K152 Speaker Rental

Power Cont.   1000 watts
Max. Power   2000 watts
Weight:   51lb
Equalization   yes (presets)
XLR Loop:   Yes
Woofer Size:   15″
Stands:   Yes

Wired SM58

Dynamic unidirectional cardioids mic. for vocals.

Wireless Mic Shure SM58

  1. Shure SLX4 Diversity Receiver with PS20 Power Supply
  2. 1/4 Wave Antennas
  3. Convention Centers, Hotels
  4. Available in H5 and J3 Frequencies.
  5. Meetings, conventions, hotels

Ultimate Speaker Stand TS 90B

  1. Adjustable from 44″ to 79″.
  2. Holds upto 150lbs.
  3. Matt black Finish