Fender Passport Venue Rental

  • For large audience (200).
  • 10″ speaker woofer.
  • Ten (10) input active mixer.
  • Four(4) XLR inputs).
  • USB port for flash drive.
  • Sub/headphone out.

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Product Description

What it includes:

  • Two 25ft XLR cables.
  • 1 Fender Mic (dynamic).

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Lightening to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter Rental

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Fog Storm 700 Rental


  1. 3500 Square ft of output
  2. warms up in 5 minutes
  3. Comes with a remote
  4. Fog liquid costs extra

Wireless Mic Shure SM58

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  2. 1/4 Wave Antennas
  3. Convention Centers, Hotels
  4. Available in H5 and J3 Frequencies.
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XLR Adaptor Cable

XLR to Mini 1/8th. Male mini and Female XLR. 5Ft


speaker stand rental

  1. Can be adjusted from 3-7ft.
  2. MAx. load capacity 132 lbs.
  3. For additional security and strength, safety pin is included.
  4. Comes in black finish.