30 Person Tour Guide System Rental

This package is for upto 30 people. Following items are included in the package.

  1. Transmitter (1)—LT 700 (72 or 216 MHz)
  2. Behind the head mic (1)–LA-278
  3. Body Pack Receivers (30)–LR-400
  4. Ear Speakers (30)–LA-164
  5. Carrying case for the unit (2)–LA-311-1
  6. Alkaline batteries (31)–LA-362

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· Make sure all receivers are within 100 feet of the transmitter

· Open the battery compartments on the receivers, press menu button until you see “squelch level” level 01 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. Try raising the squelch level to see if that changes anything. See page 22 of the attached manual for further details.

· There may be other RF signals in the area interfering with the units. Try changing to one of the following channels:

o Channel 3

o Channel 6

o Channel 20

o Channel 57

o Channel 70